I came to the party late in the game. After the Gore/Bush debacle. I was resistant because there are some people who have run for the party that I find to be very far from pragmatic and maybe could brush up a little on their critical thinking skills. I’ve discovered however that what they lack in rubber-hits-the-road pragmatism they make up for in not-falling-on-the-corporate-sword greed over democracy like the two major parties. After looking back at the Green platform, I noted that their values are mine, and that’s a good start.

10 Key Values:

Ecological Wisdom
Social Justice
Grassroots Democracy
Community-Based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Personal & Global Responsibility

So even if the Greens are a near impossible long shot, I want to be part of a number that I hope will grow larger, if at least to show up on a spread sheet that causes the Democratic Party to reconsider their prostitution of a once great party for the people.

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