Not knowing it, I have always been a Bright. Even before they existed. I came to understand the Brights Movement only after having embraced Buddhism and at first I was reticent. Then I had a conversation with Mynga Futrell and I signed up.

What it’s about:

The  Brights Movement is a social/civil movement that aims to promote public understanding and acknowledgment of the naturalistic worldview, including equal civil rights and acceptance for people who hold a naturalistic worldview.

The movement aims to create an Internet constituency that will pursue the following aims:

  1. Promote public understanding and acknowledgment of the naturalistic worldview, which is free of supernatural and mystical elements.
  2. Gain public recognition that persons who hold such a worldview can bring principled actions to bear on matters of civic importance.
  3. Educate society toward accepting the full and equitable civic participation of all such people.

Contrary to what some interpret as an anti religious element in the Brights movement, what drew me to the Brights is the belief that there is a place at the proverbial table for those who hold a naturalistic worldview as well as a place for those who hold a supernaturalistic worldview. Our 8th principle expresses it well:

“8. The Brights Movement is a Positive Force:

We intend to work to grow a constituency of Brights able to exercise social and political influence in a constructive fashion. The Brights movement is not by design an anti-religious force in society. The overall aim is civic fairness for all, which necessitates there being a place in politics and society for persons who hold a naturalistic outlook.

There is a human penchant for creating us/them classes in which the “them” is viewed as negative or repellant. Although some individual Brights may have negative views of persons who hold supernatural beliefs, the Brights movement does not proclaim superiority or a disdain for others. What is sought is social acceptance and civic equality. This movement unequivocally rebuffs not only verbal comparisons that cast Brights as lesser citizens than the religious, but also those that cast the religious as lesser citizens than the Brights.

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