I have been in Northern California for virtually all of my life. Though one shouldn’t assume I am inexperienced.  My earliest years are a memory of kids who would satisfy the diversity requirements of an ABC Afterschool Special. Kids with names like SeaTree, Ajax and Paprika. We had parents who wrangled communal house cleaning and babysitting, who gathered for picnics and camping and who all had their leftist, nonconformist and artisan natures. Both Ms. Feral Peach and VegginoutwithMel are of that same group.

I have memories of spending summer vacation from school running around the Mukelumne Wilderness or the woods between Placerville and Auburn. My parents were and are antithetical and a couple years after they split, my life changed. I became an invasive species in materialistic suburbia, I lost the grail. In my search for happiness and equanimity I’ve tried several trails and backtracked and blazed a few but after 40 odd years of learning, observing, experimenting and reflecting, I think I may have found my path. Now I must be steady of foot and aware of my surroundings in order to stay on course.

I’ve straddled several worlds, martial, self-sufficient, prepared for emergencies, community-builder, rescuer, artist, student. Some experiences cause one to see the strange nature of much of modern life. The delusion, dysfunction, coercion and codependency.

My intention is to record my process of understanding life and the human condition, and my perspective as a Bright, a Green and a Buddhist. Three descriptives of how I place myself in my community and society as well as my attempt to understand what is good, beneficial and ethical and from this understanding I hope to ‘be the change’.

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